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It IS about MONEY

To get an idea of the number of pages we've created already, and their prominence in Google, do a Google search for "Fish Eagle Productions" (quotes included), or click on the link below:

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"Advertising is the lifeblood of every business. Without it your business will surely wither and die."

"A lot of business owners avoid advertising because they think it's simply too expensive. But truth is, it's more expensive trying to run a business without a steady influx of customers and transactions being made - due to the lack of advertising."

"Advertising has become an indispensable function in modern business due to cut-throat competition and mass production."

"Advertising is part of the overall marketing strategy of a business, which includes public relations, promotional programs, signage, incentives, newsletters, and word of mouth, among other strategies. The aim of a marketing strategy is to use advertising, along with these other tools, for maximum impact."


Fish Eagle Productions will go out of its way to make its websites as visible as possible. If your business is on board, it will be AS visible.





With its webring of informational websites covering the area Kamieskroon to Hondeklipbaai to Luderitz to Keetmanshoop and back to Kamieskroon via Springbok, and its focus on up to date and detailed content, Fish Eagle Productions is striving to provide the most VISIBLE and INFORMATIONAL content on the web to tourists as well as residents, thereby becoming an industry standard with regard to regional webrings.. To learn more about us and our mission, please visit

Option 1 sample

(not linked to a page or website if clicked upon)

J L Munnik Electrical Contractor Port Nolloth

Electrical Contractor in Port Nolloth

Option 2 sample

(linked to your own external website if clicked upon)

Radio Namakwa FM 98.1

Radio Namakwa FM

Option 3 sample

(linked to an internal page created for you by us if clicked upon)

Seafood Platter Titbits Restaurant Springbok

Titbits Restaurant Springbok

Option 4 sample

(linked to an external website created for you by us if clicked upon)

Richtersveld Experience Self-Catering Lodge Port Nolloth

Richtersveld Experience Lodge Port Nolloth

"In simplest words advertising is introduction, to consumers and general public, of services and goods."

"Advertising is a favorable representation of product to make consumer, customers and general public aware of product"


Attracting local and tourism traffic to our websites is our personal marketing target, to benefit any business, organisation, club or entity  that makes itself visible on our websites via any of the options outlined below.
By also being a video production house, we expand the marketing possibilities to the power of the spoken word and the moving image domain. The resultant audio and video productions can contain promotional content combined with high value informational content to be made available either on the websites, DVDs for distribution, or broadcasting material

Advertising and Web Design Options


Option 1

Refer Option 1 sample in the right-hand margin of this page.

160 x 160 pic max + 2 lines of text x 160 wide - unlinked to a webpage or a website R240 per year - i.e. R20 per month x 12 months, payable in advance.


Option 2

Refer Option 2 sample in the right-hand margin of this page.

160 x 160 pic max + 2 lines of text x 160 wide - linked to your own existing external website R300 per year - i.e. R25 per month x 12 months, payable in advance.


Option 3

Refer Option 3 sample in the right-hand margin of this page.

160 x 160 pic max + 2 lines of text x 160 wide - linked to an internal webpage created for you by us R685 - payable in advance for the 1 st year, thereafter R240 per year for the link on our website.


Option 4

Refer Option 4 sample in the right-hand margin of this page.

160 x 160 pic max + 2 lines of text x 160 wide - linked to an external website that we create for you (2 - 5 pages), including your own domain name, 25 mailboxes and hosted with Hetzner ( R2950 - including web design, domain registration and setup with Hetzner, hosting fee for the first 3 months with Hetzner and a link on our website for the first year. Additional R120 per Quarter hosting fee after 3 months, R120 yearly domain fee from the second year, and R240 per year  link on website fee from the second year.
Option 5 Intended for bigger companies that often run specials, promoted events, competitions etc. SQ

Specially designed interactive pages that often changes content and that can be mutually beneficial e.g. through the incorporation of  NFM 98.1 and in-store promotion of their Fish Eagle Productions web page.

Notes on Advertising and Web Design Options

  • The above options refer to 1 x ad placement per website advertised on. Additional occurrences of the add on the same or other websites in the webring will be calculated at R180 per placement, i.e. R15 per month payable in advance.

  • The placement fee does not vary from page to page in the websites. We will place your add on the page of your preference, provided that there is still space in the margins of that page without extending past the bottom part of the centre body of the page.

  • Should we design a page or a website for you, we will do maintenance (alterations on your request) on the site free of charge for the first 6 months from the date of the invoice (all charges are payable in advance). After that a fee will be charged depending on the amount of work involved in applying the alteration.

  • Option 4 (complete website design), is quoted for a basic 5 page informational website with no databases or discussion groups. Should you require more than that we will work out a price through discussions.

  • NOTE - POSITION on the page that you advertise on - closer to the top or closer to the bottom - happens on a first come first positioned basis.

Sites now available to advertise on

The 3 INFO websites below, although published, is in the process of development and expansion.

Springbok Info

Springbok Info Link

Port Nolloth Info

Port Nolloth Info Link

Richtersveld Info

Richtersveld Info Link

Fish Eagle Productions

Fish Eagle Productions Link


Video Advertisements

From time to time we will distribute a list of video productions in progress on the websites and through e-mail to our advertisers, giving out details about advertising slots.


Contact us

For more information or to discuss / book your requirements, please contact Christo Conradie at +27826426356 or send an e-mail to