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Last updated on Saturday 05 November 2011

As part of video and website productions, we often make use of maps.

Google Maps Generator by RegioHelden

 Overlanding and 4x4 excursions using a GPS have enhanced the love of these things that tell you where you are and what it looks like where you are from an elevated viewpoint. Google Earth, Google Maps, the South African Topographic maps and the GARMAP and Tracks for Africa ranges are valuable tools to satisfy this spatial orientation desire.

However, sometimes there are the need for special kinds of maps:

  • Off-road races, marathons, wilderness travel, 4x4 trails, farms, nature reserves (private and National) often require maps of a detail level not available in commercial maps or on the internet.

  • The second type of map is our special favourite, and we refer to it as "God's Art". Relief maps shows a piece of land with specific focus on elevation and shades making use of DEM's (Digital Elevation Models). These maps highlight geographical features not easily visible on standard maps.

We have over the years created various of these special maps, also recently for the area that we are referring to on this website. One example is the map that we are using on our Home Page to indicate which area we will be active in. 

The maps that we create in this way are high resolution maps with a digital size in excess of 5 MBytes. They are comfortably printable on A1 size, and looks beautiful when laminated and framed.

Examples and cropped sections of these maps are displayed on this page.

Should you have a need for the creation of one of these maps for yourself, please feel free to contact us.



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